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PFC Series 101


PFC Series 101

Active Green PFC101 series is a double conversion single phase input-single phase output with Active Input Power Factor Correction.

  • 100% Indegenous - designed in our end-end full fledged in-house R&D.
  • In compliance with bank tenders.
  • Available for OEMs, Export compliant.
  • Active boost topology - the highest reliable converter topology.
  • 0.99PF, < 10% THDi).
  • SNMP compatible.
  • DSP technology.
  • User friendly LCD display.
  • Event logging.


Specially designed for sensitive loads PFC-101 series provides

  • The UPS is utility friendly and generator compatible and prevents the overrating of electrical wires, reduce reflected harmonies back to the source.
  • PFC-101 provides better utility of power; optimizing the generator and the input power transformer.
  • Comprehensive power protection from ground noise, polluted neutral, lightning and ground drifts using galvanic isolation between input and output.
  • Hot swappable battery option enables the faulty batteries to be replaced, even as the UPS continues to power the loads.
  • Apart from providing backup on power failure a good UPS should also act as a good power conditioner and this is what PFC-101 does by providing international levels of voltage and frequency stabilization.


  • Offices
  • School & colleges
  • Banking sector
  • Finance Insurance
  • Beauty parlors
  • Gym & fitness PCs
  • servers
  • Photocopiers
  • Home theaters
  • LCD and LED sign boards
  • Browsing & internet centers
  • Tread mills and gym

Our esteemed customers have been using PFC 101 models for various applications across the country from past 19yrs and have certified the performance of the same.


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