Printing Industry

Online UPS for Printing Industry


  • DSP Technology
  • Power-conditioning topology
  • Specialised in Online UPS for industrial application since 1998.
  • Indigenously designed in our art-of-state, full-fledged in-house R&D.
  • Exported to Nigeria, Nepal, Malaysia & Philippines.
  • Industrial grade design Rugged, high crest factor design - handles the high load surge without power quality derating. Long-life, designed for harsh environment.

Comprehensive Power Protection

Stringent Phase-Phase voltage regulation, while maintaining tight Phase-Neutral voltage regulation under 100% unbalanced load is the unique feature of Arvi's Online UPS for Offset and digital printers.

Excellent frequency regulation (True VFI), power-conditioning, double conversion Online UPS with galvanic isolation transformer at the output for comprehensive power protection - offers the best in class power protection.

Remote power monitoring using SNMP, event logging, redundancy with hot-standby, critical/non-critical load configuration and built-in static bypass are its standard features.

The interruption in operation of a printer could be due to failure of power or failure of any component in the system. Failure analysis by leading power consultants reveals that 40% of premature failure of electrical & electronic component is attributed mainly to the fluctuations in voltage, frequency and waveform.

Higher crest factor UPS, can handle high surge loads without derating in the output waveform.

Anticipated Fault Alarm via GSM-SMS and with operator PC interface communication ensures pre-trip preventive measures in case of an eventuality.

Cost of service and breakdown reduces by 40% leading to improved productivity and higher profit margins. This is achieved by premium quality power conditioner with constant voltage and frequency free of impurities and neutral harmonics.

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Prestigious customers

  • 20 KVA Xerox / 40 KVA Print & Imaging
  • 15 KVA V J Imaging 10 KVA Print Studio
  • 10 KVA True Images
OEM Manufaturer
Tough built, & Long life Design
Green Power Initiative.