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ARVI has a full fledged in-house R & D and all the products manufactured are designed in house indigenously. Arvi has a quality policy of launching a particular design or a model after evaluating the product as per IEC norms of safety, performance and EMC. The approved design is taken up for pilot production and only successful and satisfactory performance of these models for 6months at various trail centre, the product is taken up for regular production.

Only after 1 year of satisfactory performance in Bangalore sites, the product gets technical clearance for sale outside Bangalore.

  1. Year 2004
    • ARVI developed the high frequency 1PH-1PH and 3PH-1PH Online UPS.
    • AIPFC with a PF of 0.97 was launched.
    • Industrial grade chargers were launched in the market.
  2. Year 2005
    • Zero-transfer line-interactive upto 10KVA was launched
    • Started production of non-PFC online UPS upto 50KVA
  3. Year 2006
    • We developed tranformerless sinewave inverters upto 50 KVA 1ph – 1 ph, 3 ph input, 3 Single phase output.
    • Frequency convertors with 400Hz output were launched.
    • We developed 3ph- 3ph synchronized sinewave inverter with 10 ms change over time.
    • The high frequency 3PH-3PH Online UPS with AIPFC with a PF of 0.97 was launched upto 60KVA.
  4. Year 2007
    • We developed lift UPS which we sold about 10 nos
    • Started production of non-PFC online UPS upto 150KVA
  5. Year 2008
    • We developed our ferrite transformer inverters upto 1.5 KVA Inverter & 2 KVA UPS.
    • Green UPS with AIPFC with a PF of 0.99 and less than 5% THDi was launched in the market. Initially 1ph-1ph models were launched, followed by 3ph-1ph models.
  6. Year 2009
    • Green UPS with AIPFC with a PF 0.99 and less than 5% THDi was launched upto 100KVA.
    • Zero-change-over sinewave UPS in 2,3,and 5KVA models were launched.
  7. Year 2010
    • Temperature compensated charger is incorporated in all our models.
  8. Year 2011
    • Launched Grid sharing Solar Online UPS with MPPT charger upto 100KW
    • Developed special design UPS with input power limiting facility for CT & MRI Scanners
    • Launched UPS remote power management though wireless access via GSM.
    • Launched LU 5301 the low noise UPS for Ultra sound scanner & such sensitive equipment

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