10KVA - 300KVA

3ph-3ph synchronized, backup UPS with 0-2ms change over time upto 300KVA.

This unique product has revolutionised the power solution requirements of process industry which needs seamless power contiunuity during mains failure to generator and back to mains. The conventional solution for this need is an Online UPS but has the tradeoff of incraese in electricity bills by atleast 30%. This incraese is huge considering the power levels in process industry (could run into few lakhs of rupees by the end of the year).

GLIDER-303 achieves zero transfer time (seamless transfer of loads) without double conversion losses- achieving higher uptime of process without any additional running cost.

ASU 101

5KVA - 10KVA

The innovation from Arvi - is a zero change-over backup UPS with built-in AVR upto 15KVA.

This product has replaced 90% of the Online UPS requirements upto 10KVA. The uniqueness of this UPS is that it conditions main voltage, zero transfer and is a single conversion topology(Saves 35%-40% of electricity bills in comparison to conventional Online UPS.


10KW - 200KW

The Solar PCU that shares power from mains/grid only to the extend required to compensate the defiect in solar power. Unlike the conventional solar PCU which changes the load to mains if the available solar power is inadequate to supply the power to the load after the battery is fully discharged - the GSS Solar PCU utilised whatever power is available from solar and draws the deficiet power mains to compensate the load demand.


The wireless display for remote monitoring of UPS, SNMP and BMS compatibility. This has benefited many customers using CNC and laser cutting machine where the UPS is installaed in a far off separate room. The process uptime has been significantly improved using ENUPT.

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