Case Studies

Case Studies

Customer: M/s L.M Engineering & Systems, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Bangalore-560090

Type of Load: Aluminum extrusion plant. A Process Industry manufacturing Aluminium products for industrial applications.

Total Power requirement: 160KW

Problems faced:

  • Fluctuation in input Voltage & frequency caused variation of speed of motors resulting in improper material flow control and cooling of raw material, this in turn affected the quality of Aluminium produced.
  • Frequent power failure interrupted the chain of process resulting in heavy loss of raw material, overflow of liquid metal damaging the equipments and environment.
  • Further customer faced frequent failure of power distribution panel & generator tripping due to large non linear current drawn by the motors.
  • Power failures also resulted in high maintenance of process equipments.
  • He was on the verge of losing high profile customer accounts due to failed commitments

Customer requested us for complete load study to provide solution to address the above problems.

Load analysis

After thorough study of the process and equipments we identified the stages of process as given below to address the problem.

case study-Aluminium extrusion plant

After studying & analyzing the functioning of the process stage wise we found the following challenges.

  • 15HP Blower motor draws a very high inrush current.
  • Accuracy of speed of 100HP Motor is very critical and needs accurate, constant voltage and steady frequency.
  • 5HP Cutting tool motor draws heavy in rush current.
  • Blower & cutting motor operating intermittently causing frequent inrush current drawn from the source.

In order to address the above problems and resolve the issues we suggested our featured 180KVA FL-ECT 303 3PH-3PH Online UPS for industrial application specially designed for motor application capable to handle high surge currents without varying the voltage & frequency of the UPS.

This special UPS provided the required power conditioning for frequent power failures and for intermittent operation of the blower & cutting motors.

The FLECT Model UPS has very high input power factor above 0.95 and very low current harmonic distortion of less than 10% which was able to reduce the large non linear and inrush current drawn from source & generator, thus the frequent failure of power distribution panel & the generator tripping problem were eliminate as stated above.

After installing our UPS all the problems cited above by the customer were eliminated and is enjoying trouble free operation of his process, with increased productivity and enhanced profitability due to zero raw material losses and low maintenance cost of process equipments.

He was able to gain the confidence of customers as he was able to committed delivery schedules


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