Online UPS for 5-axis Milling machines

UPS for 5-axis Milling machines


20KVA - 200KVA

  • Regressive Dual Polarity topology UPS.
  • Protection against back-feed regenerative power by the load.
  • Real time sensing and regressing at AC side.
  • DSP controlled.
  • IGBT based.
  • Power Factor Corrected (PFC).
  • Full bridge using IGBT.

Regressive topology Online UPS for regenerative loads

The reverse back-feed voltage generated by the regenerative load is always dangerously higher than the UPS output voltage and starts feedingt back to the UPS, resulting in failure of switching devices, DC Capacitor and overcharging the batteries and in most cases permenantly damaging them in the case of a conventional Online UPS.

More importantly real time regression of the high voltage generated by the regenerative load is of prime importance as it causes premature failure of electrical and electronic components inside the CNC machine.

Arvi PFC-IG303RL Regressive Dual polarity topology Online UPS can source and sink back and forth to the load and from the load using Retract source-sink iac load. Employs real-time regenerative load sensing and load banking at the input side (AC side); offering dynamic load protection - ensuring faster clamping than the conventional DC side sensing and load banking. It also offers comprehensive protection during non-linear, complex regenerative loads.

Arvi PFC-IG303RL can handle 30% - 50% of the rated power regenerative energy.


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