Arvi's R&D -Awarded as the best in-house R&D among the UPS manufacturers in India for the year 2018-19 by SoftDisk.

Arvi R&D team keeps studying and monitoring the field conditions every week and continuously collecting the specifications and data of the various electronic equipments used in the market and looking for new technological innovations to provide the appropriate solutions for the customer requirements and meet the highest customer satisfaction.

Our special R&D team continuously evaluates the various components used in our products by simulating different field conditions and ensures the safety and quality of the components used inside our equipments.

Our experienced team of R&D were successful in innovating and indigenously developing advanced products and features like..

  • Active input power factor correction for UPS with 0.99PF & ,3%THDi upto 200KVA.
  • New advanced battery charger for online ups with temperature controlled boost/float charger which increases the battery life by about 30%more
  • Power factor corrected DC power supplies
  • 400Hz frequency converters for aircraft maintenance application using special magnetic cores to ensure low noise and compact size
  • Industrial UPS using zero transfer technology
  • Transformer less Industrial UPS up to 240KVA.
  • Grid sharing Solar UPS/Inverter with MPPT charger.
  • Charge equivaliser for batteries.

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