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Arvi Systems & Controls Pvt Ltd Bangalore

Is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Online UPS & solar power solutions from 3KVA - 200KVA from 1998.

  • Manufactured in our state-of-art manufacturing facility in Bangalore.
  • Exported to Nigeria, Dubai, Malaysia & Singapore.
  • Over 800 installation.

Industrial application-specific Products & solutions from past 19 year.

ARVI UPS Factory Tool

Indegenously designed in our in-house full fledged R&D.

OEM  Manufaturer


Tough built, & Long life Design

Tough built, & Long life

Green Power Initiative

Green Power

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Product Categories

Online UPS Power - conditioning topology

PFC Online UPS

3KVA - 200KVA
Power factor
  • Banks, GEM Tenders Dealers, OEMs, Exports
DSP Technology, SNMP, Event logging

UPS for Industrial application

60KVA - 200KVA
CNC process automation regenerative loads
  • CNC, Laser machines,
  • Automated industrial processing
Regenerative load handling

Solar Power Solutions


5KW - 200KW
Solar UPS
  • Batteryless Hybrid/off-grid solar inverter
  • that needs no mains reference
MPPT Technology using DSP

Customized Power Solutions

Active SHUNT UPS 303

Backup UPS / Zero transfer-time UPS

5KVA - 200KVA, 3Ø
Heavy Duty UPS & Inverter
  • Industrial Automation, CNC etc
  • Petrol Pumps, Lift, Escaltors
Heavy duty, Industrial grade charger & inverter
Saves approximately 35% - 40% electricity

UPS for CT & MRI Scanners

EC-iPL UPS for MRI & CT Scanners
  • Specially designed for CT & MRI Scanners
    with input power limiting facility.
Customised for any voltage, frequency
and other special requirements.

Active SHUNT UPS 101

iBackup UPS for Office, Schools, Colleges & Hospitals
  • Computer labs, Smart class, Office, Hospital.
Zero transfer-time UPS
Saves approximately 35% - 40% electricity

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