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Power Factor Corrected Online UPS


Power Factor Corrected Online UPS

PFC series is a double conversion Online UPS with input power factor correction for banking tenders & projects, OEMs, dealers, distributors, export & Industrial application.

  • Power-conditioning Topology
  • Power factor corrected Event logging & SNMP
  • DSP technology Regenerative load handling
  • Designed in our full fledged in-house R&D
  • Indigeneous-Industrial grade harsh environment design
  • Unity PF Regenerative load handling


Industrial design - Designed to handle high inrush current and the transformer is designed to handle the load harmonic current which heats up the inverter transformer.

The UPS is utility friendly and generator compatible and prevents the overrating of electrical wires, reduce reflected harmonies back to the source.

PFC 303 is a double conversion Online UPS for industrial application with regenerative load bank. Designed for harsh electrical and environmental conditions this model is a long life design; offers superior levels of protection against all the input power-related problems and provides regenerated, clean, network grade, high quality power to the connected loads.


  • Office
  • Data processing
  • Software companies
  • Data centers
  • Test Equipment Benches
  • Educational institution
  • Photocopiers
  • Printing machines
  • EMS
  • Servers
  • Telecom
  • Home theaters
  • LCD and LED sign boards
  • CNC
  • CT & MRI scanners
  • Offset & digital printers

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