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Online UPS for IT Companies

  • DSP Technology
  • Power-conditioning topology
  • Redundency
  • Remote power management
  • Event logging
  • Indigenously designed in our art-of-state, full fledged in-house R&D.
  • Exported to Nigeria, Nepal, Malaysia & Philippines.

Comprehensive Power Protection

High crest factor handling, stringent Phase-Phase voltage regulation, while maintaing tight Phase-Neutral voltage reulation under 100% unbalanced load is the unique feature of Arvi's Online UPS for data centers.

Excellent frequency regulation (True VFI), power-conditioning, double conversion Online UPS with galvanic isloation transformer at the output for comprehensive power protection - offers the best in class power protection.

Remote power monitoring using SNMP, event logging, redundancy with hot-standby, critical/non-critical load configuration and built-in static bypass are its standard features.




  • Data centers
  • Servers
  • PC labs

Prestigious customers

  • 60 KVA WPA / 40 KVA Data Farm
  • 30 KVA BEL / 35 KVA Replicon Software
  • 15 KVA G T Nexus / 15 KVA AMX

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