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We propose to supply our range of products on an OEM basis; products indigenously designed in our in-house R&D and with an OEM installation of more than 5000 units (all India) from past 8 years. We have a proven model of operation for OEMs and as a process we train OE associates engineers in our factory, equip them with sufficient spares, and provide the necessary documents; enabling to carryout independent servicing of those UPS. As an OEM partner, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Able to offer need-based solution (rather selling a product) to the customer.
  • Access to prestigious client by offering customized solutions.
  • Enjoy the after sales service revenues.
  • Long-life rugged models designed for the harsh environment ensures a product life of minimum 15 years (and you would have referral orders by proving trustworthy to your customers)

Application-specific Online UPS.

  • Power conditioning true Online UPS
    5KVA-30KVA(Power factor corrected)
  • On line UPS Systems 3KVA to 240KVA
    GSM interface for remote power monitoring.
  • Online UPS for industrial application
    FL-ECT 60KVA-240KVA (Power factor corrected)
  • Online UPS for CT and MRI scanners
    EC-IPL 60KVA-150KVA(IPL-Input Power Limiting)
  • i-Grid UPS from 5KVA-10KVA
    For educational institutions, PC labs etc
  • Solar UPS 3KVA-240KVA
    Available in standalone as well as grid-sharing models.

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