ARVI Systems & Controls--Online UPS and Offline UPS manufacturer Online UPS and Line Interactive UPS manufacturer--ISO 9001-2008 Company SD Ratings--Best Online UPS manufacturer SD Awards 2012--Best Online UPS manufacturer SoftDisk Awards 2012--Best Solar UPS manufacturer Online UPS manufacturer--CE
National award winner(3KW-100KW solar UPS) for the most innovative product of the year 2012 by SD
  • True Online UPS Green Series--UPS Manufacturers

    Ultra reliable Online UPS
    for absolute dependability

    • IT Infrastructure • Pharma and multiplex
    • Security and surveillance • Research labs

  • True Online UPS EC Series--UPS Manufacturers

    Unfailing Persistent Steady
    Online UPS with GSM Interface

    • MRI and CT Scanners • Automatic production plants
    • CNC machines • Garment Industries

  • i-Grid UPS-- UPS Manufacturers

    i-Grid UPS
    for Multi-load applications

    • Security and surveillance • Fitness centres
    • Educational institutions • UPS for Air Conditioner
    • Multi-load applications (PCs and lights)

  • Industrial Sine Wave Inverter-- UPS Manufacturers

    Industrial sine wave UPS
    for process industries

    • Automated production plants • Critical and emergency lighting
    • Industrial facilities • Residential applications • Elevators and Lifts

How does power-conditioning UPS of ARVI
improve productivity and profitability by 40%?
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Application Specific Online UPS

Online UPS for Industrial application, Process & CNC machines.

ARVI manufactures Online UPS specially designed for CNC, industrial applications and process machines used in automated plants of cable manufacturing, plastic & polythene processing industries.
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Solar/Windmill Inverter

Solar/Windmill Inverter

Double conversion, IGBT, MPWM based inverter converts the DC to regulated pure sinewave AC. For safety reasons, isolation is provided between the input and the inverter output.
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More details about Windmill UPS/Inverter

Power Conditioning True Online UPS for OEM / Export 3KVA & 5KVA

Power Conditioning True Online UPS for OEM / Export

Import Substitute, Export Compliant DSP, SNMP, PFC, IGBT based technology.
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UPS for CT/MRI Scanners

UPS for CT/MRI Scanners

The UPS offers superior levels of protection against all input power related problems and provides regenerated clean high- quality power. More details



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